Easy access to Togian Islands & Una Una with new flights to Ampana

31 10 2015

Tanjung Api Airport in Ampana The Tanjung Api Airport in Ampana has now been open for over 6 months with Avia Air running some local flights to Palu, Luwuk and Gorontalo each week. The one to Gorontalo goes directly over the Togian Islands giving an unrivaled view of the islands and their surrounding coral reefs and pristine turquoise waters. Now the exciting news is, that Wings Air planes, most probably the very reliable ATR aircraft, will start doing the route to and from Makassar in December. Also, Garuda Air, again probably using ATR aircraft, will start from March 2016. It is becoming easier to reach the amazing dive sites of the Togian Islands. Most beautiful dive sites like Una Una have now come in reach of every enthusiastic scuba diver, and you shouldn t miss the chance! We are very excited about the possibility of expanding the draw of the dive sites in the Togian Islands to so many new guests who have limited time to waste on lengthy transits, to get here. Watch our blog at




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