Why EIG Web Hosting Companies are a Pain and Why You Need to Change

27 11 2016

EIG hosting or non EIG web hosting, what is the difference? You might ask why EIG Web Hosting is bad for your business? Learn all about the difference here.


PZ Laser Slim Technology Co., Ltd. › SUPPLIER BLACKLIST

24 11 2016

Buyer beware… PZ Laser Slim Technology Co., Ltd. has taken my money and will not give it back! They started to make me an order which took over 3 months!

Qingdao Xiaodao Food Machinery Company › SUPPLIER BLACKLIST

26 10 2016

I lost trust in the manufacturer Qingdao Xiaodao Food Machinery Company when I found sources disclosing delay tactics and manipulation.

Far East Boats China

14 10 2016

We ordered sailing boats from Far East Boats China, as they had supplied events with boats within China, and we could not find any adverse publicity about Far East Boats on the internet. On the first sail, the boats both leaked into the buoyancy tanks, and one of the boats was of very bad quality.

Fitness in Ko Phangan – Visit the Press – Your Gym in Chaloklum Koh Phangan

26 08 2016

In 2016 the gym has extended the training area to almost double the size, to provide more space for guests and gain more room for additional training equipment.

The international blacklist of the world’s worst suppliers!

25 08 2016

The International Supplier Blacklist is a user generated list of bad suppliers around the world. Some tricks are so unbelievable and some scams so bad, that it is hard to believe that so many international buyers are still fall for them today!

Family Sailing Holidays in Thailand › Sailing Phuket – Catamaran Charter Thailand

17 07 2016

A family sailing vacation is the perfect idea to bring your family close together and a welcome change to the usual indoor and online activity. This is one of the best family adventure vacations you can imagine!