Mike Bellamy’s Newsletter March 2015

31 03 2015

Sourcing in China is not for everybody. If you are doing business in China, or you are planing to import from China, this is a good read with links to valuable information, including the famous Supplier Blacklist, where you can check if a Chinese supplier is reliable before making an order or a payment, or list a supplier who has previously let you down or even scammed you.


March 2015 Newsletter: More bad suppliers outed – How to save 8%- Who shouldn’t buy overseas – Selling to China advice.

30 03 2015

March 2015 Newsletter More bad suppliers outed RMB How to save 8%. Who shouldn’t buy overseas Selling to China advice. Newsletter provided compliments of Mike Bellamy Based in Asia since 1993 Author of “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing” (also available on Amazon). Buying and selling in China Going China-factory-direct is …[Continue Reading]

How bad is it really in China? Read the Business 2015 Update!

2 03 2015

A recent survey shows that Chinese don’t trust made-in-China products and that as much as 40% of products sold online are actually fake! And believe it or not, some suppliers ship defects on purpose to gain leverage over the buyers. Read all about this nasty trick in this month’s newsletter.

2015 News from Sairee Cottage Diving! – Diving Courses Koh Tao Thailand

9 02 2015

I am especially excited to see the PADI IDC Koh Tao up and running again, since I was fortunate enough to train as an instructor with Sairee Cottage Diving’s very first PADI IDC last year. The skills I learned in that course gave me the knowledge and tools I use daily in teaching diving courses to make sure all of my students become safe, well informed divers. Passing on the love of scuba diving is a rewarding and unique experience with every group of students!