How Knowledge of Your Supplier Challenges can help Your Negotiation Strategy

16 01 2016

We all have ideas of the challenges facing suppliers in China, whether it be costs, labor turnover, materials costs, uncertainty about government regulations and many more.


Live interview with China Daily about challenges facing startups.

23 12 2015

Watch PassageMaker s talks live interview with China Daily about the challenges and opportunities facing startups.

Supplier Challenges in China – Know Your Suppliers Biggest Challenges!

22 12 2015

Learn how knowledge of your suppliers’ challenges can help your negotiation strategy in China. Read all about supplier challenges in China in this article, Find very detailed research about the most important challenges your suppliers in China are facing. Written by Prof.Dr. Neale O’Connor, lecturer at China Sourcing Academy.

Compliance in China. Challenges of Transparency, Interpretation & Enforcement.

24 08 2014

Compliance is one of the biggest challenges facing foreign companies operating in China. While there is a law/policy/regulation/suggested standard promulgated by Beijing for almost every aspect of doing business, for the typical Western owned company operating in China, the problem is two-fold: Interpretation and enforcement of the law varies greatly not only …[Continue Reading]