How to Stay Out of Jail – Importers Need to Know about Engineering, Testing & Inspection

15 09 2015

Is My Product Safe in China? Physical Safety When people ask is my product safe?” most of the time they are asking the question because they want to make sure the product won t hurt anybody and to be sure they are not at risk of a lawsuit. We could call this design safety . Meaning, for example, the product has no pinch points, sharp edges or dangerous materials. If your product is in the concept or design stages, it is very important that not only can your design engineers come up with something that appeals to the market place, but is also needs to be physically safe. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a design only to learn that it is not fit for function or unsafe. Regardless if you design in-house or outsource the engineering, make sure your design and engineering team are fluent in DFM and that they have a solid understanding of the regulations in your marketplace. And that brings us to regulatory compliance. Compliance When importing products from China, if there are sa


European and American Engineering in China – Services

9 02 2015

This is the solution for anyone seeking help with their engineering projects in Asia! While you can expect western style engineering and world class customer service from AsiaDFM, as a US-managed, China-based firm, their service fees are considerably lower than the typical EU/US based engineering company.

AsiaDFM – Your Partner for Engineering in China!

28 01 2015

Western Owned – China Based Engineering! AsiaDFM specializes in both, low and high volume, low tech and high tech products, from concept all the way through manufacturing, in China. Western management and leadership ensures, that AsiaDFM meets or even exceeds, your expectations for customer service and marketing knowledge.