3 Must Read Posts About Exclusivity with Chinese Suppliers

4 08 2015

10 Years: 3  Must Read Blog Posts About Exclusivity & Distributor Agreements with Chinese Suppliers. China Sourcing Academy (CSA) lecturer Mike Bellamy has been blogging for a decade. CSA selected the best 100+ posts (covering 18 different sub-topics) from his various blogs for their relevance to international buyers doing business with China. Each week we [ ] The post 3 Must Read Posts About Exclusivity with Chinese Suppliers appeared first on CSIC – China Sourcing Information Center.


Learn how to set up an exclusivity agreement with a Chinese Supplier

22 08 2014

Make sure the penalty is large enough to make the Chinese supplier take them seriously but not so large as to scare them away. As long as the penalty is reasonable, damages are enforceable in Chinese court and it will save you lot of trouble as without pre-agreed terms for compensation it is very hard to prove how much loss you have suffered. Read more…

8 Essential Items: How to set up an exclusivity agreement with a supplier?

13 08 2014

Summary of the 8 key items to consider when setting up an exclusivity agreement A client recently asked “we have started working with a Chinese supplier and we want to get them to sign an exclusive agreement with us. How we could make this happen?”