Top 12 articles & tutorials: Sourcing, QC, Law, SCM in China

1 07 2015

Best of the China Sourcing Information Center’ s Network 5.29.2015 to 7.1.2015 Top Blog Posts related to Sourcing, QC, Legal and Supply Chain Management. Kindly reference the author when re-posting: Article provided by Mike Bellamy Founder: PassageMaker Family of Companies Business Lecturer: China Sourcing … [Continue Reading] The post Top 12 articles & tutorials: Sourcing, QC, Law, SCM in China appeared first on CSIC – China Sourcing Information Center.


Why Should I Retain a Chinese Law Firm?

19 05 2014

There are many benefits to hiring a Chinese law firm. Often times having boots on the ground is indispensable. Whether you are operating within Asia or abroad, it is always reassuring having someone on-site and ready to respond at first notice. Additionally, there are many procedures and functions that a foreign attorney, even with an international firm, simply cannot do. You need competence in the drafting of documents and transactions—specificity is key. Although it may seem beneficial and expeditious to simply pull a template from the internet, even the most expansive generally-termed contract cannot herald what you have in mind. Every situation is different. But beneath the obvious needs for a Chinese attorney (e.g., drafting bilingual contracts, advising on Chinese law, locally registering intellectual property) the benefits are legion. The rule of law is a burgeoning concept in China. There has never been a more commanding need for competent legal counsel. Keep in mind, your p

Chibridge Law

28 04 2014

Chibridge is a Chinese law firm with an international background in Southern China.

We believe in providing international clients honest, professional & affordable legal services in China. Sales & service in English.