Learn Sourcing in China the Right Way!

8 12 2015

Sourcing tutorials for professional buyers and importers who know their product and sales channels back home, but wish to learn about sourcing in China, from presenters who are based in China and have a proven track record of success.


Learn how to send money to China and avoid scams! › THE SUPPLIER BLACKLIST

24 04 2015

Learn about simple, but very effective ways to protect yourself, when sending money to China! First of all, make sure the supplier name is the same for the all the documents listed in this blog post.

Learn how an elite group of RMB trading hubs can save you 8% on your China sourcing.

26 03 2015

In our blog post “Pay suppliers in RMB and save big” we explained how Chinese suppliers commonly build a “buffer” into dollar-denominated contracts to guard against exchange rate risk. This buffer is around 8% in some cases. That’s a lot of money. It s up to the buyer to negotiate safe terms …[Continue Reading]

Learn How one Scammer Made Off with a Ton of Money + Tips for Effective PO’s + Why the Supplier won’t Accept the L/C

5 11 2014

OCTOBER 2014   Sourcing Newsletter

Learn how to set up an exclusivity agreement with a Chinese Supplier

22 08 2014

Make sure the penalty is large enough to make the Chinese supplier take them seriously but not so large as to scare them away. As long as the penalty is reasonable, damages are enforceable in Chinese court and it will save you lot of trouble as without pre-agreed terms for compensation it is very hard to prove how much loss you have suffered. Read more…

Diving Courses and Fun Dives | Learn to Dive in Koh Tao Thailand

19 04 2014

With Dive Point you have the choice of half day diving trips or full day dive trips to Sail Rock. We offer customer friendly service in small groups. Maximum 4 divers following one experienced dive guide through the many exiting dive sites around Koh Tao. Beginner and advanced divers are separated into different small groups to ensure everybody has a joyful diving experience. We avoid crowded dive sites by leaving one hour earlier than most other dive centers on Koh Tao.