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7 02 2017

New Gym Koh in Phangan – Great News! The Press in Chaloklum has a new Gym owner! Find The Press right next to the Crow Bar in Chaloklum Koh Phangan.


Fitness in Ko Phangan – Visit the Press – Your Gym in Chaloklum Koh Phangan

26 08 2016

In 2016 the gym has extended the training area to almost double the size, to provide more space for guests and gain more room for additional training equipment.

Italian Restaurant Koh Phangan – Thailand

31 12 2015

The Splace is the new place, where you find many vegan and vegetarian dishes. Kika, the Italian chef will surprise you with culinary art from Italy!

Bart’s Bash Koh Phangan – Sailing Regatta in Koh Phangan

20 09 2014

Tomorrow 21. September 2014, the first international sailing regatta takes place around the globe. Hundreds of sailing regattas are going to be held simultaneously everywhere in the world. The event takes place in honor of Andrew Simpson, one of the world’s greatest sailors. The Koh Phangan Youth Sailing Club in Chaloklum is participating in the event.

What is the best kitesurfing equipment for Koh Phangan?

15 09 2014

90% of the Kitesurfers in Thailand are using Tube kites, but is this the right kitesurfing equipment for Koh Phangan? When it comes to teaching, the Flysurfer kites perform best in low wind conditions; the Flysurfer Kites stay in the air (5-10 knots) while other kite brands are literally “falling from the sky”.

Kitesurfing Koh Phangan

12 09 2014

KiteSurf Asia is the only Kiteschool in Thailand using FLYSURFER Kites! Learn Kitesurfing on Koh Phangan with IKO & VDWS certified Kiteboarding Instructor’s!

Yoga House Koh Phangan – Yoga Classes

23 04 2014

Yoga House offers an intimate and serene environment to encourage and develop the practice of yoga and healthy vibrant living.